Not Born Yesterday's Stance


The NBY stance

Nby is pro-europe but anti-brussels,

pro-capitalism but anti-free market globalism,

pro community and anti-westminster,

pro individual liberty but anti-irresponsibility,

pro equality of opportunity and anti-affirmative action,

pro-democracy but anti the existing party and electoral systems,

pro-entrepreneurs and anti-remote shareholders

....and implacably opposed to bankers, lawyers, accountants, doctors & architects being allowed anywhere near decisions about anything.

Fundamentally, Not Born Yesterday believes nothing will improve until our cultural mores do. That process can only begin via a more civic, disciplined form of education...and an obligatory period of social service for all. As this Establishment will never put those things into place, they'll have to go.

The site wants to see power devolved to local level, and as much as humanly possible of the exisiting corruption there rooted out. We want the Westminster bubble to be deflated, and put away in a cupboard forever and ever. Given the EU is now effectively running things, these changes make eminent sense and will save the country a fortune. But turkeys never vote for Christmas; so again, the Establishment has to go.

Brussels is of course an even bigger problem. But let's take things one step at time, shall we?


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