It’s obvious to all of us that the world is in a calamitous time of change. It’s not just the old timers who wistfully look back and wish for simpler times, but also those of more recent generations who remember when life was less complex.

Not Born Yesterday is about a growing, universal awareness that has been harvested from today’s rapid and often drastic world changes. From weather to wellness, we are living different lives than even just five years ago. At Not Born Yesterday I write from the individual’s point of view, but address the suffering that none of us can or will escape unless something is done.

So what can be done? Use your voice! Speak up and let the establishment know that you were not born yesterday. If you’re tired of being duped and manipulated, then leave comments below my articles, post on social media, write your own blog, get involved in your community – just don’t stay silent.

We have all come to see so many icons fail us. Our governments, health care systems, food supplies have all been tampered with to the benefit of a few and the detriment of billions. We are being compromised and we are “mad as hell and don’t want to take it anymore”. Corporate lies have been exposed. Government is bought and sold by lobbyists. Big Pharma tells us what we can legally do and not do in treating our own diseases. Our food needs to be labeled so we know if we are eating well or ingesting chemicals that eventually make us dependent on the medical system – and labeling is being contested by large corporations.

White collar thieves receive special dispensations that barely, hold them accountable for the lives they ruin. Everyday we witness the blatant greed that is never satisfied at the costs of millions of lives. We the people, are moving into the awareness that we can make a difference. We are shifting out of shock and into anger. Not born yesterday implies that we can no longer stand still and let ourselves be used and abused for the sole benefit of a greedy (there’s that word again) few.

It’s our time in the evolutionary scheme of things to go through a massive shake-up. We have the power and now is the time to use it!