You Can Count On Change

Count on Change

Changes abound. If there is one singular thing we can all count on, it is change. Changes that affect us as a whole usually sift down from the “higher powers” of industry and government. The captains of commerce and our world leaders make decisions oftentimes regardless of the wishes of the people. They don’t think we notice because they are in their own worlds and out of touch with the general populace. They think we were born yesterday.

My father-in-law needed extensive repair on one of his rental properties and called in the best plumber Burlington Ontario had available for hire. Jake was a fellow who Dad had used on several projects in the past, and he knew his work was reliable. Jake is a personable guy and likes to talk. He started off by giving an estimate and then poked his head out of the maze of pipes to complain about the costs of repairs. He said there was no good reason for plumbing parts to go up 13% over the past 12 months. He’s been in the business for 25 years, and he doesn’t see a need for the increase costs, – that naturally has to be passed onto the customer. Where does it stop?

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