Looking for Good News

Good-NewsWhere’s the good news? There doesn’t seem to be a lot lately. On the other hand, the media as a whole are happiest when there is a major tragedy to report. True, it’s their job to keep the public informed, but one gets a sense that the fouler the news, the more satisfied they are to have something they can really sink their teeth into. I suppose it’s human nature to be in the thick of things, and if the job is to relay the particulars then it must be all the more satisfying.

Here’s the beef: Even when there is no seriously bad news, the major media outlets seem to look for the darker side of life. If there’s a story about an inner city school program that is successfully sending 90 percent of their high school graduates to college, or a story about a towing service pulling a car out of a lake. The tow truck story most likely will get top billing.

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